Using Data to Drive Decisions

Using data to drive decisions in healthcare is critical to process improvement and patient care. A report from the Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium published in Healthcare Purchasing News sited improving data transparency across the supply chain as an important area of focus for 83 percent of healthcare providers and 88 percent of suppliers.

An escalated focus on transparency, and data-driven insights for better decision-making remain at the forefront of healthcare supply chain and clinical engineering leaders. In our upcoming communications and events, we will continue to address the topics most important to you, including those reported in a GHX survey of 50 top healthcare supply chain leaders:

  • Using data to drive and automate purchase decisions
  • Making the most efficient use of resources
  • Identifying and mitigating fraud
  • Standardization, integration and optimization
  • Identifying cost savings while increasing quality of non-labor spend

These challenges provide opportunities. Using data to drive decisions to evaluate and benchmark the current state and implement improvement plans in each area realize measurable results that impact patient quality and care.

Specific to purchased services, Big Data was the cover story of TechNation focused on how hospitals can and should apply data to clinical engineering and HTM departments to make science-driven decisions to standardize price, product, and process. 

“Knowledge is power for HTM professionals."

Learn more about how customers can use our data to drive decisions and how to apply a formulary approach to sourcing and purchasing in healthcare technology management.

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