Why Choose Us

IMTECHTRANS (Imaging and Medical Technology Transactions) is a vision arising from the lack of medical technology related services , availability of parts , related consultations and training services across several parts of the world. This platform has been an effort to bring this vision to fruition. With IMTECHTRANS you get the following: 

- More than 35 years of Technical and Business experience in Biomedical engineering 

- Business analysis and know-how of markets across the world.

- An in-depth experience across various modalities and generations of different biomedical products. 

- Large stock of parts including Replacements, Service parts and Accessories for equipment

- Domestic and International Field and Depot Repair Services

- On-Demand training for one to one or entire groups

- On-Demand Consultation for Hospital and Clinic Planning 

- On-Demand Consultation for Biomedical Product Technology
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